Do you really like him?

Do you really like this guy? people really arent sure what they want to do or how they fell about some one they like. Some poeple just need a guide to take them to the gate before they enter. Do you really like him, or is it for the hell of it? NO ONE IS IMMUNE TO LOVE

Do you like him? can it be the perfect match? if you are unsure on how you feel about some one you think you might like, take this quiz. You should get good advice and help you find how you feel. Do you really like him? find out in a few minutes!!!

Created by: kirsty

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  1. Do you ever feel the need to see the guy?
  2. Do you ever feel nervous or excited when you see him walking your way from down the street?
  3. When he talks to you, do you blush and say as little as possible, or have a normal conversation?
  4. Would you prefer to hang around with him when your/his friends are there?
  5. Do you ever get jelous if one of your friend looks like shes getting a bit too friendly with him?
  6. Do you ever (purposely) meet up or bump into him?
  7. Does the touch of his hand burn up your skin?
  8. Does he make you laugh alot?
  9. Would you rather be with him than anywhere else in the world?
  10. If his friends told you he liked you, would you tell him face to face or send a friend?
  11. Would you ever ask him out or would you wait for him to ask you out?

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Quiz topic: Do I really like him?