How "Jena" Are you?

Some people think she's queer. Some think otherwise. Shes just Jena =D Come take this quiz if you think your like HER !! I got to type more. LOL Gahh. Please do this quiz and I will like you.. =]

Now, Jena is a spectacular person. Now do you think you can be like her? Hell no! But you can find out here... Enter if you dare =] Pfft. What else? Like I said come do this quiz and I will like you forever and ever =D

Created by: JENA

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favourite drink?
  2. If opposed with a math equation... How do you solve it?
  3. What are your best mates called?
  4. Can you actually draw?
  5. Favourite color? [Evil laugh...]
  6. Fav Food?
  7. Favourite Bands?
  8. Catch Phrase?
  9. Voila! Like?
  10. Dancing?

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Quiz topic: How "Jena" am I?