What Monster Will Kill You?

Aliens,Vampires,Demons of all shapes and sizes are out there to get you when your alone in the dark of your room,or outside or in the woods going for a walk.Your never safe from these creatures.

So,take this quiz to find out what evil creature of nature will rip you up in half slowly and painfully and eat you then spit you out leaving one helluva bloody mess behind.

Created by: 6 6 sick

  1. What are you usually doing at a saturday night?
  2. Pick a word.
  3. Out of these what freaks you out? If nothing freaks you out then just pick whatever.
  4. Are you easy to scare? Be Honest.
  5. Are you afraid of the Dark?
  6. Do you believe in UFOs?
  7. Are you afraid of any certian Wild Animal?
  8. Pick another word.
  9. How likely are you to get eaten by a Monster?
  10. Pick a number.
  11. Are you ready to get eaten by a Monster?

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