the emo quiz made by a emo

There are many, many Gothic people that are wondering if they are emo. everyone always calls you emo. but are you sure that your really emo. take this quiz and find out. it is one of the best quiz's you can take because it is 100% correct. if your emo the quiz wont lie. i didn't make up any of the questions. i am emo and i know who's emo and who's not. take the quiz and i hope you are emo.

do you think your emo. do you cut yourself? do you hate yourself? do you want to die? i don't, but thats not always what emo's do. they are hard to understand. only emo's can understand what a emo is thinking or feeling.

Created by: obsolete

  1. Do you cut yourself?
  2. Do you cry a lot?
  3. If you could only listen to one band what would it be.
  4. What Kind of clothes do you where
  5. Do you write poems when your sad
  6. did you ever write a suicide note
  7. do you always think about death
  8. Whats your favored color
  9. do you hate your parents
  10. do you hate yourself
  11. last question. why did you take this quiz

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