skindian test( TAKE THIS QUIZ)

Its about terms that people use on the rez..i..I was really bord when i made this quiz..thats made it so better like or ima be you better comment me when your done with this quiz or else.

dont make quizzes off website i made mine cause its really dumb...cause thay make you rite these lame ace paragraphs its fricken aye retarted. and i didnt want to but they said i had to.. so um yeah..

Created by: april
  1. The term "Buzzed-up" refers to:
  2. The term "Snag" refers to:
  3. The term "49" refers to:
  4. The term Squeeze refers to:
  5. The critical thing to know before a "49" is:
  6. The refrain of every "49" song is:
  7. The term "Commodities" refers to:
  8. The term "Indian Car" refers to:
  9. The term "Indian Time" refers to:
  10. The term "Fancy Dance Contest" refers to:
  11. The term "Traditional dance contest" refers to:

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