Test for Ops in #main

This quiz was designed by poon to test your overall knowledge of IRC as a whole. You will be allowed to take the test ONCE within a 4 week period. You will be allowed to check your answers afterwards.

If you want to become an OP in #main on irc.apoboc.com you need to take this test. You NEED to pass this test with at LEAST a 70%. If you score lower than a 70%, your results will not be viewed by our admins and you will be forbidden to re-take the test for 4 weeks.

Created by: poon
  1. What is the highest possible access for someone in a channel using the access system?
  2. Without using the !kb command associated with BotServ's "Fantasy" mode, how do you kick AND ban someone with one single command?
  3. Speaking of BotServ, lets delve into some of it's settings, shall we? How do you turn "Fantasy" mode on?
  4. How about assigning a bot to your room?
  5. How about changing access levels?
  6. What is the most common way to turn autovoice on?
  7. How do you send a memo?
  8. What is the lowest level of access a person can have?
  9. Set a mute ban?
  10. A nick change ban?
  11. What is channel mode +f?
  12. What does this do: +f [20j#R,50m#M]:15
  13. What does mode +j do?
  14. What does mode +S do?
  15. What does mode +S do?
  16. Mode +s?
  17. Mode Q?
  18. Mode t?
  19. Mode T?
  20. What are the most common modes-on-connect?

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