Which CSI Character Are You?

All of the members of the CSI Las Vegas team are very different, and have their own unique talents and contributions. Do you think you would make a good CSI? If so, which of the main characters do you think you would be? Take this test to see which character I think fits you the best.

Out of the six main CSIs (Grissom, Catherine, Warrick, Nick, Sara and Greg), which one are you most like? If you have a strange burning desire to know, look no further. This lengthy test will tell you whose true character most resembles yours. So, WHO ARE YOU? WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO?

Created by: Rebecca
  1. Would you describe yourself as more:
  2. If you found out a co-workers that you really cared about was getting fired for a minor mistake he or she made, you would:
  3. If you started to have feelings for a fellow CSI, and were convinced that they were perfect for you, you would:
  4. If you thought you deserved a promotion, but somebody else less deserving got it, you would:
  5. Which of these random things would you most likely say, or could you see yourself saying?
  6. Someone is joking around with you during a serious investigation, what do you do?
  7. A new guy joins your team, what do you think of him at first?
  8. What kind of books do you read?
  9. What would you wear to work?
  10. Somebody teases you when you are in a really bad mood, what do you do?
  11. One of the lower ranking CSIs is having trouble adjusting to the stress of it all, and they keep messing up, what do you do?
  12. A particular case is really getting to you because you can really relate to it, how do you react?
  13. Do you break the rules very often?
  14. Are you into music?
  15. Do you watch TV very often?
  16. If you were an animal, what would you be?
  17. If your work was ruling your life, what would you do?
  18. After a serious accident at work that could have killed you, you would:
  19. Towards people that you really care about or respect, you tend to be:
  20. You see one of your co-workers (that you really respect) all dressed up to go to court, and you are shocked at how amazing they look, what do you do? (what would you REALLY do?)
  21. You see someone for the first time, what would you most likely notice first?
  22. What is your laugh like?
  23. Do you find darker humor funny?
  24. Which of these movies would you most likely rent?
  25. Do you want to have kids?
  26. What was your best subject in school?
  27. What would you rather do at a crime scene?
  28. What were you in high school?
  29. Which band would you most likely listen to, or do you like the most?
  30. What name do you think suits you best? (doesn't have to match your sex)
  31. How would you describe your mood and attitude most of the time?
  32. What would you most likely get in trouble for?
  33. What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to people?

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Quiz topic: Which CSI Character am I?