What are YOU made for?

This Quiz will tell you what you were made for If LOVE then be happy if Hatred Don't be mad at me be mad at yourself! This Quiz is VERY VERY VERY Important it tells you if you're good or bad Have fun taking this Quiz!

I bet you're wondering if you're for Happiness, Love, Hatred, Peace or if you're made for nothing in this world take this quiz and realize what you are actually for

Created by: Randy
  1. In a conference or Assembly are you...
  2. Your Best Friend says "I don't want to talk to you anymore" you would
  3. You're Friend was sick and Passed away! you......
  4. If someone hit you would you hit them back?
  5. Want a Muffin?
  6. Reading or Loud Rock or sleeping or Bullying?
  7. If someone was Physically bullying someone what would your role be?
  8. One Question: 5x5
  9. If your parents gave you 50$ what would you do?
  10. You were supposed to meet your friend at the mall at 8:00 and she/he doesn't come ...The next day at school you see him/her so you ...
  11. Why did you take this Quiz?

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Quiz topic: What am I made for?