I will Love you Forever

This is for BOYS only!! I made this for fun..it's like role-playing mostly...soo that's it! i made this for boys because most of the roleplaying quizzes are for girls..and most of the quizzes are for girls too...so i thought this would be fun to do

SOo take it and have fun!! I also made this quiz because i was really bored..soo yeah..hahahha....you don't have to take it...but i would like it if you do..if you take it ...thanks a lot!!!!!! i appreciate it

Created by: Kristine
  1. You go to the mall with your friends and you guys see some girls. Your friends walk over to them so you just go with them. The girl that you notice is...
  2. "Hey there." says Kaitlin. What do you say back?
  3. "Soo...are you guys doing anything tonight?" One of your friend's ask. "They all say no." You turn around and whisper to yourself who you want to hang out with. The girl is??
  4. Well, you guys all do something to see who you're gonna hang out with...you get Elli! What's your reaction?
  5. You find out that your friend Chris got Kaitlin, what's your thought? Forget about the question before for this question.
  6. Karen and Liz start talking quietly...you hear your name in it..and you want to know what they're talking about...so you go up to them and ask them...what are they talking about?
  7. Well...they wanted to be paired up with you...but they werent...when you found this out..you were...
  8. Elli was soo mad that she was paired up with you..well..you thought that cuz she was being mean to you..soo yeah...hahah...what did u do?
  9. Next one is about their dates soo buh-byee
  10. Actually..this is the LAST question...what's ur fav color?

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