If you could wake up knowing any Language in the world

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Thread Topic: If you could wake up knowing any Language in the world

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    Infinity Junior
    Chinese b/c that can help a lot in business.
    Latin b/c I feel like everyhing sounds and looks better written or spoken in Latin.
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    Anastasia Expert
    Oh God this is a good question I must think.

    Japanese, because it's a challenging language for an Indo-European language native to learn and I could really use it.
    Hebrew, because I like Jewish culture, want to read old texts, and visit Israel someday.

    I'm currently learning French since it's very useful where I live, but the reason I didn't choose to wake up knowing it is because it's relatively more easy than the two above since it does have a lot in common with English.
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    bananabread Novice
    Italian and Latin, because they sound the most beautiful to me and I plan on living in Italy for sometime of my life
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    Appayipyip42 Senior
    Japanese and Chinese probably.
    I'm currently learning Spanish and suck at it, but I know practically nothing of the two I mentioned except hiragana and katakana, and a few kanji.
    I almost said Klingon. I almost did it. You can thank me for not saying it later.
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    ihaveahat Novice
    Uh.....I'd want it to be something hard that I never would have accomplished on my own, like Arabic or Chinese or something, so I could make a ton of money translating. :D
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    Luna Siren Novice
    1. Japanese
    2. Greek
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    Omega_Wolf Junior
    1. greek
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    Sports19 Experienced
    (Not in any order)
    1) Czech
    2) Greek
    3) German

    I know you said 2 but I can't decide between these 3
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    barberbob2 Senior
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    UnLoving Novice
    1. Spanish
    2. Hebrew
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    tongue Advanced
    I'd definitely like to wake up knowing Japanese.
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    Donotdisturb Novice
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    6 6 sick Hot Shot
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    SG115 Experienced
    1) Spanish
    2) Jamaican Patois (idk :P)
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    LoneShadowWolf Experienced
    Spanish and French. They'd probably be the most useful to me.

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