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  • i'm new
    "Okay, bye shy person! :P I'm very shy too but I'm 19."
  • (whispers)
    "Hugs are nice, though I don't get many. Bear hugs are the best. c: Thanks, I shouldn't really complai..."
  • i'm new
    "Nice to meet you too. How are you? :)"
  • i'm new
    "Hi, I'm hat. :D I'm Swedish. Valkommen!"
  • "I have a top hat. I am the most classy. :D"
  • (whispers)
    "I'm pretty good. Work and studying are going well but I guess just kind of lonely. xP I'm glad you're well. I noticed that here in Sweden we..."
  • "Then I forgot that no one would answer this in the Lounge either. Oh well. xD"
  • "What was your favorite part of Brokeback Mountain? :D"
  • Shoes
    "Kelly, she's a character by some guy called Liam Kyle Sullivan. It's from a YouTube video. :P"
  • Shoes
    "I know, it's my favorite song. :')"
  • Shoes
    "Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Oh my God. Shoes. Let's get some shoes. Let's get some shoes. Let's ge"
  • I'm lonely :(
    "Ja :)"
  • I'm lonely :(
    "Hur mar du? :D"
  • "Well too bad! There are rules on this site you know? Perv! :P"
  • "I have one, but I forgot where I left it. :O"

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