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  • whoops i meant to put I GOT HEAVY METAL!! awesome quiz! XD

    sex_me Oct 1 '12, 4:00PM
  • Metal FTW!

    zeronightshade Feb 8 '12, 5:30PM
  • Rock. Awesome quiz.

    madid Jul 5 '11, 10:42AM
  • woohoo rock band!!!!

    heehee I knew the answers to all 3 of the questions asking which band the song was from.

    awesome quiz sick!!!!!!

    coolme3 Jun 12 '11, 8:48PM
  • METAL!!! great quiz Sick

    pyrowolf May 10 '11, 8:37PM
  • i dont remember taking this quiz, but this time i got metal band xD

    Hunteriscool Mar 14 '11, 1:52AM
  • The mainstream group :| Eh, whatever.

    10/10 good quiz Sick!

    tomboykaitie Jan 12 '11, 12:55PM
  • ,Heavy METAL! WOOT! I like screamo more though >.

    tro Dec 13 '10, 9:48PM
  • i got rockband!

    Hunteriscool Dec 4 '10, 9:11PM
  • i got rock band nice it is ironic considering i listen and play alot of rock music

    Shadys Angel Dec 1 '10, 1:05PM
  • rock =] freakin awesome

    quizgirl101 Nov 29 '10, 6:38PM
  • cool i got rock band,cool quiz d00d

    punk king Nov 21 '10, 5:07PM
  • Great quiz, sick! I got Heavy Metal band. :)

    I like music Nov 21 '10, 10:14AM
  • Rock Band. Next was Metal. There was nothing in the mainstream bar. XD Nice quiz, Sick.

    xVaMpIrEx Nov 21 '10, 1:22AM
  • Rock band! That's frickin' awesome! I kinda thought I was gonna get pop, but that was my last result! Totally awesome quiz! Oh, typo by the way, you spelled baby with and e.

    musicgirl Nov 20 '10, 6:50PM

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