What Monster Are You?

Monsters, Horror, and Darkness.3 of the worlds greatest things ever. Though have you ever wondered what it would be like to be part of these 3 beautiful creations?

Well you're about to find out now, this quiz is gonna tell you what Ghoulish being you are in the world of Horrors and Madness, take this quiz to find out what Monsters lurks within you.

Created by: 6 6 sick
  1. What scares you?
  2. How would you describe your speech?
  3. How about the way you walk?
  4. If you were to become an actual Monster, which Monster would you resemble the most?
  5. If you were a Monster, how would you survive?
  6. How would you approach you're victim?
  7. Fire.
  8. Wood?
  9. I'm gonna turn on the lights now...
  10. For questions 9,10 and 11. Those were actually serious questions. Back to the quiz. If you were a Monster, were would you most likely be found?
  11. What was the First Monster movie you've ever seen?
  12. What kinda Monsters do you like?
  13. Would you say you scare easily?
  14. What kinda Monsters do you like least?
  15. Last question. Do you like Monsters?

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Quiz topic: What Monster am I?