What's your favorite t.v show?

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Thread Topic: What's your favorite t.v show?

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    Bright Luna Novice
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    Anastasia Expert
    'Allo 'Allo or Hogan's Heroes
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    Riptide Novice
    Sleeping Hollow.
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    (@Anastasia I love Hogan's Hero's too!!!!)
    I want to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. soo bad!
    But otherwise my favorite is Gilligan's Island and some more of the kind of older TV shows.
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    Luna Siren Novice
    Well I like a lot of TV shows... For example:
    The Next Step - Family/ Disney Channel
    Fairy Tail - I watch it on my iPod
    Sailor Moon - Also iPod
    Madoka Magica - iPod...
    Precure (most of them) - Lets just say the rest are probably on my iPod...
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    Rave098 Experienced
    Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D or Criminal Minds
  • UnLoving Newbie

    Hostages is really cool too
  • UAAllstars43 Newbie
    Teen Wolf
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    bananabread Junior

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    Orange Fusion Junior
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    Wipe out.
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    LoneShadowWolf Experienced
    Doctor Who.
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    absol heart Experienced
    hm... probably red vs blue, caue its actually a movie in total, so i consider it a tv show.
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    6 6 sick Hot Shot
    I've been watching re-runs of Tales From The Crypt :P
  • ysaieedi Newbie

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