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  • Advice 101.
    "How do I get my sibling to stop going through my stuff? They don't listen when I tell them to stop it, what should I do?"
  • Yo.
    "I'm here again, what's up?"
  • Yo.
    "...so many teen titan quizes."
  • Yo.
    "I am going to start studying for exams they are in a couple of day. Atleast we'll be released at 10:50 when we have them."
  • Yo.
    "We have no school today. It's staff development day. Woop, woop."
  • "Hug, why not?"
  • Yo.
    "Peace and quite, how wonderful and dull. We got our yearbook today, freshman were the last on the year book."
  • Yo.
    "It's daytime for me."
  • "Maybe...... ~sinister stalker laugh~"
  • ""
  • Yo.
    "Oh. That's cools."
  • Yo.
    "I don't know."
  • Yo.
    "We did post."
  • Yo.
    "Eh, you aren't the only one that thinks the life they have is sad."
  • Yo.
    "What's new? I see you are showing your rainbow pride. "

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