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This is a would you rather quiz! My first one and it is about my favorite book series HARRY POTTER!!!! It is made just to have fun, so don't be disappointed if you don't really get "results."

There are a lot of questions, so when you're done, just scroll down to the bottom and click submit answers to see the "results." I you enjoy my quiz, you may begin NOW!

Created by: thestralblade

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  1. Would you rather be eaten by Nagini or Fenrir Grayback?
  2. Use crucio on someone or have it used on you?
  3. Drink the potion in the cave or veritaserum?
  4. Have the elder wand or the resurrection stone?
  5. Eat Hagrid's rock cakes or a gross favored every flavor bean?
  6. Use expelliarmus or petrificus totalus?
  7. Play Quidditch or watch it?
  8. Have the elder wand or a broken wand?
  9. Cast a spell or fly on a broomstick?
  10. Be Filch or Bellatrix?
  11. Ride on a hippogriph or a thestral?
  12. Be in the Tri-Wizard Tournament or watch it?
  13. Use the Gryffindor Sword or Expecto Patronum?
  14. Be an animagus or metamorphmagus?
  15. Go in the pensieve or Room of Requirement?
  16. Be Peeves or the Bloody baron?
  17. Be in Slytherin or not go to Hogwarts?
  18. Ride the Hogwarts Express or flying car?
  19. Go in the Forbidden Forest or Chamber of Secrets?
  20. Go to Godric's Hollow or Grimmauld Place?

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