mysterious encounters [part 1]

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A world full of mysterious encounters. .... a world were there are no such things as coincidental accounts. This world is the one you are about to enter !

A world full of mysterious encounters. .... a world were there are no such things as coincidental accounts. This world is the one you are about to enter !

Created by: high_on_skittles

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  1. You sip your cup of tea silently and watch Lilia closely as a hawk would watch it's pray. Rain beating slowly at the glass window. Rumors say that Lilia Monterubio has weird transformations at 8:00 p.m. and that whoever saw these strange transformation never lived to tell about them. " what is on your mind my dear ____?" Startled by Lilia's sudden question you reply," oh... i was... thinking about the weather and how gloomy it is outside. "
  2. The clock ticks by slowly but you await 8 p.m. eagerly. Thr clock finally stricked 8 you look at Lilia. She is still the normal Lilia i know you think. Minutes go by 8:12, 8:20, 8:28 you relax and think ha! I lived what now fools your rumors are all fake, you say in your mind a smile spreading across your face.
  3. Suddenly Lilia' s cup of tea crashes to the ground! Followed by a strike of lightning. "Are you alright Lilia?" You ask. " NO! Leave! Leave ___ or i shall not respond of my conduct!",Lilia exclaims. What you see next paralysis you. Lilia' s cold blue eyes turn ruby red, her teeth go sharp as razors,her nails go sharp as knives.
  4. Her stare was the most terrifying though. It made your blood curl and made you motionless. As if you were a car with no wheels, unable to move. You make a run to the door, without thinking twice or looking back. You feel your eyes burn as the rain drops, your chest hurt and your heart beated fast. You take of your heels and leave your socks on. You run, not exactly knowing where you are going.
  5. "You can run, ____, but you can't hide from me." , Lilia says as you hear her footsteps get closer. Suddenly you hear a shriek, a blood curling horror movie shriek. You stop and freeze at the instant. You then see a spector coming towards you. You try to run but you just fall unable to control your feet. All you manage to whisper to the spector is, "please don't..."
  6. "My dear lady, are you alright?"the spector asks you. " y-yess i-I think," you respond to him. You look at him he has pitch black hair, beutiful coal colored gray eyes, and he looked like he was your age. " My lady you must be freezing!" He says as he takes of his coat andhands it to you. "May i ask what your name is?" You say to him. " My name is Abemelic, what's yours?he asks " my name's____ ," you respond.
  7. "It's dark we should just camp here and await until the sun rises tommorow. " Abemelic says. " you think it's safe?, " you ask. Abemelic nods. You both lay down on the cold, wet, hard ground. " good night,___" Abemelic says. " goodnight" you respond. You smile and close your eyes but all you can think of is about what Lilia said. " you can run ___ but you can't hide from me.
  8. CLIFFHANGER! !! Stay tuned for part 2!
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