The Wicked Awesome Quiz

Hallo there,are you bored? Got nothing to do? Me too.Which is why I made this quiz.Its pretty much fille with a ton of simple easy questions and stuff.

So yah,this is just for fun,or pure bordome hehe.Anyways this is just a really easy quiz with simple questions with answer choices of my liking,was thinking about myself the entire time making this so yah.Anyways just have fun with it.

Created by: 6 6 sick

  1. Favorite Color?
  2. Favorite Movie?
  3. Favorite Band/Artist?
  4. Favorite Resturant?
  5. Favorite Years?
  6. Favorite Holiday?
  7. Favorite Month?
  8. What do you think of all this 'New High advanced High Tech Crap' thats going on?
  9. Favorite Instrument?
  10. Well this is pretty much it.

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