How well do you know Marilyn Manson's music?

Recently, I've been around a few quiz websites like this one, and most have at least a couple Marilyn Manson quizzes made by fans like you and me (assuming you are a fan -- if not, please return the way you came). But they're all about his life and opinion and interests. It really sends the wrong message; FANS ARE NOT STALKERS. Seriously, why do we congratulate each other for acquiring pointless information such as the eye color of Manson's childhood dog?

So I've decided to create a quiz about the reason we know any of that information in the first place; Marilyn Manson's MUSIC. This time, you'll test your knowledge of lyrics and albums and the difference of time between them if you remember correctly. And I apologize in advance if it's a crappy quiz... I have no excuse, however... -_-

Created by: 0tourniquet0
  1. "Nothing suffocates you more than the passing of everyday human events. Isolation is the oxygen mask you make your children breathe in to survive." These lyrics are from which of the songs listed below?
  2. "I'm on my way down now, I'd like to take you with me..." These lyrics are from which of the songs listed below?
  3. "The devils are girls with Van Gogh's missing ear, say what you want but filth is all that they hear. I've got the jigger to make all you bigger; ladies UND gentlemen..." These lyrics are from which of the songs listed below?
  4. "Crushing, cheating, changing; am I deaf or dead? Is this constricting construction or just streets with rusty signs of something violent coming?" These lyrics are from which of the songs listed below?
  5. "I cut my throat it two, I said sorry to you for being a fool, but I didn't want forgiveness; it was regret, not apology..." These lyrics come from a song on which of the following albums?
  6. One of Marilyn Manson's albums contains a song titled "Little Horn."
  7. The album "The High End of Low" was released in which year listed below?
  8. Who was the original artist who sang "Personal Jesus?"
  9. When was Marilyn Manson's first record produced?
  10. What was Marilyn Manson's first album titled?
  11. "This was never my world; you took the angel away. I killed myself to make everybody pay." These lyrics are from which of the songs below?
  12. "You were from a perfect world, a world that threw me away today..." These lyrics are from which of the songs listed below?
  13. Which album contains the songs "sAINT," "Vodevil" and "Spade?"
  14. Random question, just for the hell of it. Which of Marilyn Manson's albums is the best in your opinion and of the options listed below? (Yes, this does have an effect on your result. Just because I want to be cruel.)
  15. Which of Marilyn Manson's albums contains the songs "Posthuman," "Coma Black" and "Rock Is Dead?"
  16. How many albums has Marilyn Manson had (by far)? Since it's absolutely impossible to answer this question correctly without knowing the year in which this quiz was created, I shall give you a hint: it's more than 0. >:D (Still just being cruel. Don't be mad at me for drawing amusement from this.)
  17. Which album is "mOBSCENE" from?
  18. "I'm a million different things; not one you know." These lyrics are from which of the songs listed below?
  19. "The Last Tour On Earth" was released in which year?
  20. I bet you're tired of this now, so this is the last question. What was the name of the album released in 2001?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Marilyn Manson's music?