How well do you know music?

Do you think you know music? Well, do you think you can guess the name of a song, when only given one small portion of the song? Do you really know music? Now you can find out.

Take this quiz and find out if you are a true music fanatic! If you think you know music, take this quiz to find out if you really do. Good luck, music lover.

Created by: horselover238

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  1. What lyric is this song from?: "I'd like to make myself believe, that planet earth turns slowly"
  2. What song is this from?: "You got designer shades just to hide your face"
  3. What song is this one from?: "Or i might find out what its like to ride a drop of rain"
  4. This one?: "Let him know that you know best, 'cause after all you do know best"
  5. This one?: "15 there's still time for you. Time to buy and time to lose yourself"
  6. What about this one?: "You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie"
  7. This song lyric?: "the scars of your love remind me of us. They keep me thinking that we almost had it all"
  8. Well how about this one?: "Do you remember all the nights we spent in silence"
  9. This is a hard one: "What will it take 'til you believe in me, the way that i believe in you"
  10. This one is hard: "But it was i singled out a whole race and for that apologize"
  11. Only one more after this one: "Baby we can keep it on the low, let your guard down, aint nobody gotta know"
  12. Last question: "You say you don't know me, or recognise my face. You say you don't care who goes to that kind of place"

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Quiz topic: How well do I know music?