Do you you know that song?

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Do you know music? Well here you can find out. Music hvae numeroes artisit and more titles than you could think! Stay here and take this quiz, good luck!

Again, good luck! i hope you get a good score. im really sorry if you did not. PLeease dont hate me! Im did not get anything wrong, i looked it up on a lyric site so thats that!

Created by: SilverTree
  1. Further more I apologize for any skipping tracks, It's just the last girl that played me left a couple cracks, I used to used to used to used to now I'm over that, Cause holding grudges over love is ancient artifacts,
  2. What we do is innocent Just for fun and nothin' meant If you don't like the company Let's just do it you and me You and me... Or three.... Or four.... - On the floor!
  3. When the dark Of the night comes around. That's the time, That the animal comes alive. Looking for Something wild
  4. So what you lookin' for You've got your eyes on me Guess what I'm thinkin' of I'm thinking about them things So wanted you to know So what are you gonna do When I get you in the zone Don't get gone, bring it on
  5. Prowling... like the insane hungry starving wolf Hiding... Outside your window in the black Wanting... you're like the little well-fed lamb Sweet revenge... you've ruined my life now I fight back
  6. like I am hurting like I am bleeding I am covering up inside I am losing what I believe in I am ready to start a fight I know how you made it You gamble with my faith I come... I am speeding All I got to protect my life
  7. Anyway Britney, Why they so jealous that you teamed up with me Tell 'em they my son, Yup, yellin mama pick me Anyway, brim bridale, what's that, I don't know boy, femme fatales Sniff, sniff, cries, I done slayed your whole entire f---ing life Oh oh, you got some Epson Salt I done balled all day you aint left the court What, what you tired, you need a break You was hot when? Ricki Lake!
  8. But if the words I say Make the tears roll down And they find their way to make your heart go down Your lips can say enough The tongue controls my mouth And all that is me is found In the corners of your mouth
  9. you smiling, that should set the tone Just be limber And if you let go, the music should move your bones Just remember Sing this song with me Ain't nobody love you like I love you You're a good girl and that's what makes me trust ya Late at night, I talk to you You will know the difference when I touch you
  10. You see me standing there and act like you don't know me But last night you were calling me saying you want me Oh why you always make me feel like i'm the one that's crazy You got my heart racing, my, my heart racing Boy i need you with me We can't go on this way I'm falling hard for you All i can say

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Quiz topic: Do I you know that song?