Metal bands lyric quiz.

this is a lyric quiz containing multiple bands theres 5FDP and a bunch of others i hope you have fun and enjoy this quiz sorry i forgot Marilyn Manson and Black Veil Brides

i might release another version containing those two. bored i need a red bull i need skittles too sigh need more letters really GoToQuiz? Gibberish? sigh...

Created by: anzime11
  1. "I cry when Angels deserve to dieee..."
  2. "So clever, whatever. I'm done with these endeavers."
  3. "Paint the mirrors black to forget you."
  4. "It's been a long time comin' but you got the message now..."
  5. "Slap on the wrist, smack in the face, the family tree."
  6. "Trapped you down below down to the Devil's show."
  7. "Spit your pity in my soul."
  8. "Don't make me (don't make me) be myself over you."
  9. "It's haunting me, taking it's sweet time."
  10. Goodbye.

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