The stitchpunk quiz

If you have got what it takes to have 9ness in you, you can take this quiz. If you know your 9 stuff come here and you will rock out the house knowing your a 9 master!

If you have got what it takes to master everything about 9 then take this awesome quiz and think this about 9: "I ROCK AT 9!" everyone loves 9 and they will think your wicked

Created by: Nine
  1. Who was the first stitchpunk 9 met?
  2. What was the name of the cat half monkey beast?
  3. What was nine carrying nearly on every part of the movie
  4. Why did 9 have to kill the beasts?
  5. Why does 5 have one eye?
  6. why did 7 like 9
  7. Was cat beast big or small?
  8. why did 2 die?
  9. why did 9 not die?
  10. Who did the seamstress take first

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