How well do you know Misery? (Book and movie)

Misery is possible my favorite movie and is without a doubt my favorite book. Test your knowledge on both and see if you really need to catch up on your amazingness skills.

Do you know Misery as well as i do? How many times have you read the book? How many times have you watched the movie? Probably not as many as me but maybe you have more of a life than i do. Good luck!

Created by: Britt518
  1. What year did the movie come out?
  2. Who wrote the book?
  3. What is Annie Wilkes meant to symbolize?
  4. In the movie how many people did she kill?
  5. In the book who did Annie not kill?
  6. Who won an Oscar for playing Annie Wilkes in the movie?
  7. In the book what is the name of the manuscipt that Annie made Paul Sheldon burn?
  8. Where was Annie found dead in the book?
  9. Where did Annie die in the movie?
  10. What was Anniens husbands name in the book?
  11. What was the first name of the man that Annie claimed to be lovers with in the book?
  12. In the movie, what are the first spoken words?
  13. What are the first words in the book?
  14. In the last scene of the movie, where is Paul?
  15. In the last scene of the book, where is Paul?
  16. What was Annie's husbands last name?
  17. In the book, what did Annie tape to things (drawers, books) to see if Paul was going through her things?
  18. What are the name of the pills Annie was giving Paul?
  19. In the book did Annie cut off Pauls foot and thumb?
  20. In the movie who was Annie's other obsession?
  21. What letter was missing from the typewriter Annie got Paul in the movie?
  22. What year sis the book come out?
  23. What color was Annie's car in the movie?
  24. In the book when was Annie's birthday?
  25. True or false: Annie was nicknamed 'The Dragon Woman'
  26. Where did Annie live?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Misery? (Book and movie)