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Shadow hunters is my favorite book and movie. If you haven't seen the book or movie, i suggest you turn away from this quiz unless you want to try and guess what the answers are.

Do you know about Clary and her friends? test your knowledge to find out. Take your time and really think about the answer though. Don't look up the answer either pls.

Created by: BlueStarlight943
  1. Where was the first place that Clary and Jace met?
  2. Who was it that broke into Jocelyn's apartment?
  3. What color was Clary's room in her old apartment?
  4. What was Simons cat's name?
  5. The demon that attacked Clary in her apartment was:
  6. Where did Jocelyn originally get the potion she used to put herself into a magically induced coma?
  7. What color was church?
  8. What is the Mortal glass?
  9. Who Killed Max Lightwood?
  10. What is Luke?
  11. Luke claims to have been in love with Jocelyn since he was how old?
  12. Who is Jace's birth father?
  13. How did Clary destroy Valentines boat in City of Ashes?
  14. What was Max Lightwood holding when he died?
  15. When Clary discovered she could use runes to store objects inside of pictures she first used a:

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