How Well Do You Know Holes?

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Do you know Holes the movie/book? Will you get these questions right? Have you seen the movie? Have you read the book? Will you angry, sad or proud of your results? Then take this quiz.

Holes is book written by Louis Sachar. It soon turned into a movie in April 2003. Holes was a big movie. I'm surprised to see if people haven't seen it or heard of it.

Created by: Jewel

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  1. Why does Stanley's family have bad luck on the men in their family?
  2. Who made Stanley's family have the curse?
  3. What did Stanley get accused of?
  4. What camp did Stanley get sent to?
  5. What is Stanley's last name?
  6. Who is the one to blame about Stanley getting accused?
  7. What is the biggest flaw that Zero has?
  8. Why did Stanley and Zig-Zag get in a fight?
  9. What is Zero's real name?
  10. Why did Zero run away?
  11. What was Stanley's nickname?
  12. What was Stanley's nickname?
  13. What did Zero call his food/beverage he found?
  14. What was the mountain that Zero and Stanley went to?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Holes?