How Cheltenham are you?

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Do you work in a massive doughnut but can't tell anyone what you do? Is your idea of a festival more Montpellier than Glastonbury? Do the hairs stand up on the back of your neck when you hear the roar of the crowd on the first race of the National Hunt Festival? If the answer to any of those questions is yes then you may be more Cheltenham than you think.

If you believe you are more Cheltenham than Gloucestershire why not take out quick quiz to prove it. Find out if you are a 100% bonafide Cheltonian by answering the questions - it will only take you five minutes and could give you bragging rights at the Montpellier watering holes for years to come.

Created by: Matt Holmes of Gloucestershireecho
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  1. Who won the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 2013?
  2. If you work at GCHQ what is the nature of your job?
  3. Which animal features on the Minotaur statue in Cheltenham Promenade?
  4. Who created the fish clock in Regent Arcade?
  5. The best place for a pub crawl in Cheltenham is?
  6. What is the best colour of trousers for men to wear to Cheltenham Racecourse?
  7. What is Leglag?
  8. Who or what is Dancing Ken?
  9. Which famous rock star is immortalised in a bust in Beechwood Arcade?
  10. Cheltenham beat boxers Duke have had over one million hits on their Youtube cover of which song?
  11. Which famous arctic explorer hails from Cheltenham?
  12. Which hit musical did Cheltonian Richard O'Brien write?
  13. Who is Cheltenham Town Football club's all time highest goal scorer?
  14. What connection does former England cricketer Tom Graveney have with Cheltenham?
  15. Which animal appears on Cheltenham Borough's official town coat of arms?
  16. You stumble out of the pub eager for a bite to eat, what do you go for?
  17. What do you take to a 'Festival'?
  18. When you take a trip into Gloucester what do you take with you?
  19. An affordable rent for a one bedroom flat in Cheltenham is:

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