How well do you know bars and melody?!

There are many fans of BAM around the globe, who think they know them inside out and back to front. Do you have what it takes to complete my challenge? To see if your a true bambino? Is that "yes" I hear you say?!

If you do, come and try out questions that the answers hide beneath the fake, but they don't stand out and they might take you back to where it all started...

Created by: Katie
  1. Hi guys I'm back! Let's go! What month did bars and melody go on BGT??
  2. What was Bars and melodys second song to be released?
  3. What did hopeful come in in the charts?
  4. What is bars and melody short for?
  5. How old was Leo on BGT??
  6. Which one is bars?
  7. What did bars and melody come in the end?!
  8. Who pressed bars and melodys golden buzzer?
  9. What is Melodys mums name?
  10. What is Bars's mums name?
  11. What song did they sing on Big Friday Windup but did NOT release?
  12. Which of the two was bullied?
  13. What songs out of the following have they released?
  14. Which is Bars fave emoji?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know bars and melody?!