How well do you know Leondre Devries?!

There are many girls in the world who think or call themselves bambino a. Are you one of them? Let's see if you have what it takes to become a TRUE bambino!!

This quiz is 100% guaranteed to be right, so the score won't be wrong duh! Any way I hope you enjoy this quiz as it took a lot of effort and if you want more of these just find me!!

Created by: Katie
  1. How old was Leondre when he went on BGT?
  2. Which one is BARS??
  3. What's Melodys name??
  4. What is Charlie's favourite animal?
  5. Who gave BAM the golden buzzer??
  6. What song _______came ? (Wait till next question but what was their hit single come in the charts?)
  7. Now... What was their hit single called?
  8. What did BAM come in the end at BGT?? 😩😢(sorry... I remember when it all first began...)
  9. What song was NOT released but still performed in BIG FRIDAY WIND UP?
  10. Last question, what is Leondres second name (NOT surname)?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Leondre Devries?!