How Beer Festival Are You?

Beerfests happen because CAMRA organises them, are you good enough to understand how and why they take place, are you decent enough to attend and what do you do when you get there?

In this quiz we ask the questions that matter, in this quiz we will show you that you can be worthy however it's down to you. prove to us you are worth the effort!

Created by: Roger Colman-Whaley
  1. Your first drink... what will it be?
  2. Fosters is good real ale.
  3. When a question arises one must always ask whom?
  4. There is a long Queue, there will be a delay in getting in, what's the correct course of action?
  5. That was a great beerfest, why not volunteer for next years event?
  6. It's running really well, however there is a tombola, do I have a go?
  7. I really need to get a first pint in. is this correct?
  8. Which is the correct answer?
  9. It is coming to the end of the day, you've had fun but now the question is, do we have a pint of the STRONGEST ale to finish?
  10. A Cider made with Pears is called a Pear Cider, true or False?
  11. Is a Mild stronger than a bitter?
  12. Last question, Team Tango are the main stewarding team for beerfests around the UK, They're the guys (and gals) who man the doors, watch the crowds and keep order. Do you need to worry about them?
  13. On leaving the Fest one must always?

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Quiz topic: How Beer Festival am I?