What kind of beer are you?

Here's a quiz with questions that are not in anyway related to anything and in the end you get a response. Of course it's just for fun so don't get all emotional over the responses or even the questions for that matter. it's just for fun. enjoy.

Not sure why I would ever need a second paragraph to describe a quiz that determines what beer you might be considered to be based on absolutely. But anyway, here it is.

Created by: Shaunistheman of Shaun's Myspace
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you could be any kind of mode of transportation, what would you be?
  2. How often do you shower?
  3. When something makes you upset do you usually?
  4. Finish the statement, "I am most proud of my...
  5. Where are your friends most likely to run into you? (if one of the places mentioned is where you work, please answer work.)
  6. You just woke up at 4 in the morning because the TV is a lot louder than you remember it being when you fell asleep watching it about 5 hours ago. What's on?
  7. Dream job?
  8. What comes next in this sequence?
  9. Finish the sentence. "Sometimes you wanna go...
  10. Aliens abducted you last night. Today you decide to...

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Quiz topic: What kind of beer am I?