How Syd-neck R U?

There are many peoples who act like a Syd-neck, but few true Syd-necks. What is Syd-neck? If you have to ask...then you probably aren't one. A true-Syd-neck would never have to ponder if they were the real deal or not.

How Syd-neck Are YOU? Take the quiz and show the world. If you don't quite live up to Syd-neck status there is always hope. Of course you'll have to make some major changes in your life.

Created by: Chapin
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  1. Do your chickens hang out on the porch with your dawgs, thereby defying the laws of nature?
  2. Does your pet parrot persist in deploying the F-Bomb?
  3. Do you toss the Christmas tree out the door the day after Christmas and call it yard art?
  4. Have you found one or more wild animals in your Christmas?
  5. Is there a horse drawn buggy on the porch?
  6. When you hear Jeff Foxworthy tell a joke can you name a family member that acts just like them?
  7. Do your chickens lay eggs on the tractor?
  8. Does your car have a pole dancer on the antenna?
  9. Do you paint the letters on your keyboard with whore-red nail polish?
  10. Do you keep your guns and your Panini Maker in the same closet?

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