Do you know fashion?

There are many people that look "okay" or just "nice" when they go out. But there are some people that can turn heads, break neck, and make the paparazzi bow down to them.

Are you 100% fashionable is your outfit an eyesore? You will get good feedback and even some suggestions on improving your knoaledge of fasion. Find out how fashionable you are in this quiz. Good luck!

Created by: Lashawna
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  1. How do you dress for a house party?
  2. If you were to walk the red carpet what would you wear?
  3. When you dress, does matching matter to you?
  4. What are your favorite kind of sneakers?
  5. If you were going to an elegant dinner party, what kind of shoes would you wear?
  6. What is your favorite style?
  7. When you go out how many times have people complimented your outfit?
  8. What would you wear on a date to an elegant restaurant.
  9. What combination goes best toghether?
  10. what is the best thing in your closet?

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Quiz topic: Do I know fashion?