Are You a Red Neck?

There are many types of people, are you a high bred City person, a red neck or a Bubba? Maybe your the type to do a small city or the suburbs, or maybe you're a dude?

Get some insight into the lives of others and find out once and for all where you fit into the grand social scheme. Some like the big city with its excitement, others prefer the quiet solitude of the country. You can find out where you fit.

Created by: Allena Jackson
  1. Your dream house is:
  2. What kind of pants do you wear?
  3. My belt buckle is:
  4. Kind of beer You prefer:
  5. My favorite meat is:
  6. I think hunting is:
  7. My car is:
  8. My favorite gadget is:
  9. Define "gig"
  10. Bib overalls are good for:

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Quiz topic: Am I a Red Neck?