Test your Movie and Book Knowledge

There are many smart people, but few true movie watchers and book readers. A movie watcher is someone who watches a movie or movies, on the other hand book readers red books as their hobby.

Are you a persoon who pays attention to movies and books? Do you have the memory of an elephant? Here is where we can see if you do. You will hae fun. you can test your friends, and most importantly, have fun.

Created by: Leo Valdez

  1. Who was Darth Vader in Star Wars I, II and III?
  2. Who played Harry Potter?
  3. How did Padme' Amidala die?
  4. What do Jedi and Sith use to protect themselves?
  5. "Stupify!" is from what book/movie?
  6. Does Darth Vader die?
  7. What movie is Emma Watson in and who does she play?
  8. "Gotta' Catch 'em" all is from what?
  9. "My Heart Will Go On" is from what movie?
  10. "Across The Stars" is from what movie?

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Quiz topic: Test my Movie and Book Knowledge