How well do you know the book thief?

Most people think they know The Book Thief, but they only have watched the movie. The Book Thief is a powerful and amazing book that can change your view of life. It a truly extraordinary book and you should read it. Although it's dark and I don't recommend it to younger readers (I'm 12).

Do you know the book thief as well as you thought? This EASY quiz will tell you if you really do. More quizes in different difficulty levels are going to come soon so look out for those. Thank you for your time. I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. -the book thief.

Created by: LilyLiesel4444

  1. What is Liesel's brother's name?
  2. What book is tossed into the river?
  3. What was Liesel's foster father's job?
  4. Who was the narrator of the book?
  5. How does Rudy become friends with Liesel?
  6. When did Liesel steal her 2nd book?
  7. Why did Rosa Hubberman yell at Liesel for loosing her hair brush at school?
  8. What does Max ask Liesel?
  9. What does Rudy constantly ask Liesel for?
  10. Who does Liesel see dead second?
  11. What is the last 5 words of the book?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the book thief?