The Ultimate Lightning Thief Quiz

I am getting minorly sick of all the bad Percy Jackson book pop quizzes. They're too dang easy!!!!! They have questions like "who is Percy's girlfriend" for crying out loud!

So I decided to reward you with a REAL Lightning Thief quiz. The other books will be coming soon. Prepare yourself... not all the questions are easy!!

Created by: MalorieMoon
  1. Which of the Furies does Percy stumble repeatedly upon throughout the book?
  2. Percy's Mom...
  3. What year is Smelly Gabe's Camaro?
  4. The school bully/ original Redheaded Nightmare is called...
  5. What does Percy use as a mirror to kill Medusa? (Book or Movie, both will count ;P )
  6. Where in New York does Percy live?
  7. What is one way Percy, Grover and Annabeth use drachmas on their quest? (multiple answers)
  8. What is an example of mythology that Chiron gives when he is proving that the gods live in America?
  9. Pick which one is NOT true about Camp Half-Blood.
  10. How do Percy, Grover, and Annabeth escape the underworld?
  11. What does Luke do when the three quest members return to camp?
  12. How long would pit scorpion venom take to kill you?
  13. Did you like this quiz?

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