What Type Of Book Are You?

There are many books out in the world,either if its Horror Fiction or a Simple Biography of someone famous on TV or in History,some are pretty interesting and some...not so much.

About this quiz,theres not to many results.I kinda rushed on it so my apologies.I honestly don't read much myself but every once in a while I do tend to pick up a book.Well anyways,hope you enjoy.

Created by: 6 6 sick

  1. First question.Chapter Books or Short books with tons of pictures?
  2. What kinda books do you usually go for?
  3. Fiction or Non-Fiction?
  4. Favorite Author?
  5. At what level would you say you read at?
  6. History Or Science Books?
  7. How often do you read?(it could be anything from a magizine,newspaper,online articles,books ect..)
  8. Are you thinking of ever becoming an Author one day?
  9. Do You Buy,Check Out,or Order books?
  10. This quiz is over,thanks for taking it.

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Book am I?