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Many people have trouble finding their category in books. And there are QUITE a few, so why should you have to be so cautious on what category you're going to read? Let's just find an easier way.

So, you want to know what category in books is right for you, well, how are you gonna do that? Read every book in every category? NOPE. Try this quiz and then go try one book in the category and find it out!

Created by: Wolvesnfree
  1. Ah, the famous question amongst friends. . . . Favorite color?
  2. Hmm . . . Favorite animal that could be a pet?
  3. What type of songs do YOU prefer?
  4. If you could change your name to a female name which would it be out of the two . . . ?
  5. If you could change your name to a male name which would it be out of the two . . . .?
  6. In your own book (Even if you don't have one), if there was an extremely bad and dangerous situation, what would your main character do?
  7. If you were (Insert feeling of your own idea) at someone/something, and you ran to get paper and a pen, what type of song woudl you write to get it out?
  8. If you were to die saving someone, what would be your final request?
  9. Pick the most interesting title of a book. (It has to be interesting to YOU, not to someone else.)
  10. Ohhh. . . . The final question! How do ya feel?
  11. Tricked you . . . .How does THAT make you feel?
  12. Okay, this really is the final question: Yes or no, do you like spies?

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