How well do you know my house?

So, you probably are just clicking throught the randome quizzes or somehing, and you happen to come upon this one. How unforunate for you...You really don't even read this part, do you?

This quiz is designed to see just how much you know about my house! Blah, blah blah, welcome to the quiz and thank you for taking the time to try it out!

Created by: Andrew

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  1. How many bathrooms are there in my house?
  2. In the basement, I have 2 gaming systems. What are they?
  3. Have we ever redone our kitchen?
  4. How many bedsroom are there?
  5. In the garage, there are 4 animals in cages, what are they?
  6. You think making this quiz was hard for me?
  7. What question number is this? NO LOOKING!!
  8. Did you like this quiz?
  9. Dang! I still need 2 more...
  10. If you walk out my parent's room, go down the steps, turn right, then right again, you are in what room?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my house?