How Louisiana Are You?

A lot of people claim they know a lot about Louisiana and the culture within Louisiana. This quiz questions how well you understand the people of Louisiana. The questions are common facts known through out Louisiana.

Are you cool enough? Do you think you are as hot as someone from Louisiana? If so, take this quiz and see if you are as educated and a champion like someone from southern Louisiana.

Created by: Sharina
  1. What does Baton Rouge mean in Indian?
  2. Which is true about Mardi Gras?
  3. Who was Huey P. Long?
  4. Which college is known as the "Party College"?
  5. Lil Boosie and Lil Webbie are from where?
  6. What does Louisiana mostly grow/produce?
  7. When someone says "Magazine" you think...
  8. What is legal on Bourbon Street and no where else?
  9. When at Cafe Du Monde, what do you order?
  10. Which patrol unit rides by your house at least once a week?
  11. Which is the biggest festival?
  12. The most annoying question is...

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Quiz topic: How Louisiana am I?