How faithful is he?

Most girls wonder whether their boyfriend will cheat. I mean how are you to know? He is not going to come straight out and tell you..stop wondering anymore!!

This quick quiz will give you a clue as to what is going on with your man...maybe by taking this quiz you will have your eyes opened and get out of a bad relationship..or you may fall even deeper in love!!

Created by: casey
  1. Does your boyfriend have a cell phone?
  2. Does your boyfriend go out with his buddies without you?
  3. Does the phone ring and you answer it and there is no one on the line?
  4. Does he often talk about a girl at work?
  5. Does your boyfriend lie to other people?
  6. How many girls has your boyfriend been with before you?
  7. What does your boyfriend say about friends of his that cheat?
  8. Have your girlfriends ever said that they don't trust him?
  9. Does your boyfriend look at other women in the street when he doesn't see you looking?
  10. Have you met your boyfriends family?

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