Are you a true metalhead or just a pouser?

Over the time the world of heavy rock has been characterized by those who are faithful in their music, and those who like the image and care less about the music.

Those who are worthy are true Metalheads, but those who care less are a buch of pousers. So, who do you think is the one that best descrives you? Find out in this quizz!

Created by: Pete

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  1. Do you prefer fast, aggressive tunes or the nice and low countinous melody?
  2. Do you prefer searching the deepest and obscure territories for a new kind of sound, or listen to just whats in the radio?
  3. Heavy Metal or Pop Rock?
  4. Is there anything wrong with sell-outs?
  5. How you like to dress?
  6. Do you prefer Thrash or Glam?
  7. What's your favorite genre?
  8. Are you a very happy person, or you behave according to the situation?
  9. Talking about Metallica, do you prefer the Black Album or earlier records?
  10. Do you drink a lot?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true metalhead or just a pouser?