Are you a metal poser?

There are lots of metal-wannbe's in the world and we got to stop them. Come here and see if you are part of the metalhead army or if your some gay ass wannabe that has no life so must pretend to be somthing their not

Are you truely metal? the results may surprise you. If you think you gotta pretend with an image you are wrong. THis quiz may shock you and make you wake up, out of your little dream.

Created by: Slayer_Genocide_Junkie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What colour are you usualy wearing?
  2. All metal is all about...
  3. My favorite drink is
  4. Which of the following is LEAST metal?
  5. which of the follow Genres is not metal?
  6. If somone comments a band you like in a good way your usual response is
  7. My favorite instument is:
  8. I listen to metal
  9. Other genres intreast me
  10. Other genres i listen to are:

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Quiz topic: Am I a metal poser?