Are You A Metalhead?

What is a Metalhead? you might ask. Pronunciation met-al-hed -noun Slang. a fan of heavy metal music; headbanger. So now that we have a definition, lets move on.

Many wannabes there are - but are you a true METALMASTER? Have you got what it takes to stand up against the Mainstream-ists? Can you rock out like no others? Lets find out.

Created by: underoath0902
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  1. First of all...what do you think of metal?
  2. What about the volume?
  3. Does your hair cover your eyes?
  4. Is it past your nose?
  5. Is it past your shoulders?
  6. What percentage of your t-shirts are band shirts?
  7. What percentage of your t-shirts are black?
  8. Do you own any chains...for fashion reasons?
  9. Are studs and/or spikes an everyday accessory?
  10. How easy is it to resist the urge to headbang during a good song?
  11. Only two more questions...Have you ever bought anything in the store Hot Topic?
  12. Last one...Do you use the "Devil Horns" hand symbol an uncountable number of times throughout your day?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Metalhead?