NEVERland series pt 2

Hey people. Nice of you to stop by and read my quiz. You guys are pretty cool. I'm not just saying that. So this is the 2nd in the series of NEVERland.

I apologize to mysterious and Delinquent fans so I'll start writing as soon as possible. I'm planning to add a bunch of twists and turns. Please understand, this might take a while.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. Previously: I've been kidnapped and taken to a new world. One that I read about when I was a little kid. This place is called Neverland. Nothing is the same besides the poeple that I read about when I was a child. Captain Hook and Wendy are both dead. Why? I don't know but, I plan to figure it out before I leave for home.
  2. This place is nothing but darkness. The mermaids are sirens who look as attractive as humans living off of sea water for three days but, they trick you into thinking that they are prettier than that. Luckily for some reason, they don't affect me. The water is black, the trees are dead and the indians that live here have gone extinct from lack of food and a war. Wait, one more thing, time has started to tick in Neverland and everyone has began aging. This is not the same Neverland I had read about.
  3. Currently: I'm sitting here waiting to here what Peter's news are. I hope this is good news, maybe even to send me home. A spark of hope flickers in my eye until I remember them say "You can't go home bacause the portal from Neverland to other planets has shut down.". My hope was drained away instantly after that thought. I miss my family, my brothers, sisters and even my parents. They're probably wondering where I am, worried if I'll be home for dinner or not.
  4. Peter comes over to us and stands ontop of a bed while the rest of them join me on the floor sitting cross-legged. "Alright gentlemen, we're going on a scavenger hunt today. We only have to find one thing, it's a clue actually. Everyone needs to help search about whereabouts on Tinkerbell. She recently went missing.". He continued to talk but I drowned him out not wanting to hear the rest of this.
  5. I have a pretty good idea on who murdered Hook and Wendy but, should I keep to myself or tell them? They are pretty thick headed for living for a long time. They really haven't grown up. If I tell them would they believe me? or would they accuse me of being a liar and kick me to the curb? Here I don't know who to trust.
  6. We head out towards the black ocean and see a ship docked, or rather stuck in the sand. We climbed aboard as a heavy sketchy fog rolled in and hid my view of everyone else and anything. I continued walking until I ran into something bony and thin. I blinked trying to improve my vision. It wasn't a person, more like a thing or what used to be a person. It was a skeleton.
  7. I let out a silent scream. A kind where you can't muster the sound and it comes out silent, similar to a silent laugh where your laughing so hard no sound comes out. I backed away to reveal I had walked into an actual persons arms. I'm not a slut so I wouldn't do that kind of thing unless I was extremely frightened, which I was.
  8. I hugged the body close by feeling the warmth entering my body again. I looked up and it was Peter with Michael clinging to his arm as if he was scared. I hugged the two of them continuing to absorb their warmth trying to get feeling back into my hands. I looked up at him and mustered a smile. He paused for a moment trying to think of what to do. He draped one arm over mr while Michael did the same trying to comfort me.
  9. They didn't quite know why but, they seemed to accept me like family even though its been one day. We stopped hugging but I stood between them holding their hands trying to feel as if I weren't a ghost, a human being in this world. The three of us continued exploring the ship finding only jewels until we found a secret hatch down below.
  10. I went down first, then Peter who hoisted michael down. There was a long corridor with a ruby colored carpet that covered the floor but was now torn to shreds. Door by door we went trying to find an end to this maze. Just as we were about to give up and turn around, we noticed the door was a different shade of red. We opened the door and what surprised us the most was who was sitting on Captain Hook's desk while his corpse remained sticking to his chair. That person was no othere than Tinkerbell.

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