Delinquents pt 1

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So, it's out. This is what you voted for. It won by one vote. So, this is supernatural. But, it's got kind of a twist to it. Thankfully, unlike other love stories, you do not go unconcious in the first part.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. I awoke in a sparkling white anteroom chained to some sort of electrical chair. All lights were absent except a slight ember that flickered with the tiniest gust of wind was hidden within the depths of the fireplace. My wrists burned to a certain extent that you could've yelped in pain. My mind was an vacant, an empty slate. A heavy pounding came from the other end of the door. Was it a human? an animal? or simply just a figment of my imagination? The doorknob shifted ever so slightly and in stepped a man in a dead black suit, hair slicked back. He got closer with a brown burlap sack and positioned it over my head. I didn't show any fear or worse, intimidation. I know their kind, they'll use your every weakness that they can manage to get their grubby mitts on to their advantage. His firm but chubby hand guided me away from the anteroom and into a bare hallway.
  2. Eventually when we had gotten to the chosen destination, I was seated into another of their electric torture contraptions. Not my ideal plans for a Sunday where I've been kidnapped and may or may not be murdered. The potent stench of polyester, shoe shiner and Chanel number 9 occupied the entire room. It didn't take a moments notice to piece together where you were. In interrogation. The question was, why? The burlap sack was pulled off and revealed a similar room except there was a marble table and neon blue folding chair within the middle of the room. Beep, beep and beep. A door camouflaged into the wall forced open and a short bald man with graying hair at the sides took a seat in the folding chair. "Can you please tell me why you're here?" He asked as he reached into the inside pockets of his blazer and pulled out documents that he shuffled and began to organize alphabetically.
  3. Instantly, a wave of memories from earlier crashed into your brain. First, I was brought back to the time when my parents were on the verge of divorce and the abuse that came along with it. A black flash and I was on my own for food until, I met all my friends. My friends happened to be Yankees's, Yankees are juvenile delinquents or gang members. I quickly joined as member which soon led to our newest heist. Our planned target was a bank with the highest security in the country. Sure, it was a job almost impossible to complete but, we were prepared.
  4. I was nicknamed the Soulless Butterfly because when riding off on my motorcycle my long leather trench coat made the illusion as if I were a black soulless butterfly. There coincidently was a shortage of transportation but, I think it was just another Yankee trying to achieve revenge. Therefore, I'm stuck here being questioned instead of with my fellow Yankees. Which brings me back to the question 'what am I doing here?'. It may seem like a fairly easy question but, this is just another way to sucker you into being a tattle-tale. One of the many things I'm not, a snitch. "Let me repeat that question, can you tell me why you're here?". This is definitely a mental conflict. A battle within my mind that I keep to myself.
  5. What'll I say? That I'm a Yankee? Or just decide not to show any emotion while remaining silent? Hurriedly, I just decided on option C. Remain silent with no emotion seemed like the perfect choice but, what would happen then? Would I get electrocuted in this odd mechanism? Or would I just be thrown into some kind of dungeon for me to rot in? " Whether you answer or not, I have pictures of you and you're so called 'gang' robbing the bank. If you're willing to give me the names, I'll grant you full immunity.". Dead silence. " I see that you refuse the immunity. We're done here.". You were soon blinded again by the burlap sack, hands cuffed and brought elsewhere.
  6. The steady and rough motions only hinted that you were inside a van being transported to who knows where. After a ride of about an hour, the vehicle came to a sudden halt. A car door slammed and the one closest to me was opened. By the identical chubby hand from earlier, I was guided outdoors and into a building. The cool tingling sensation tickled my skin and pushed back my hair. The sack was soon removed and revealed a sign saying 'welcome to new juvenile delinquents'. Great, now you can meet more delinquents that might possibly leave you to rot in jail. I was soon shoved into a cell with titanium bars that shut immediately after I entered. There were cops at every entrance guarding and watching us like hawks watching your every move.
  7. As I let a sigh of relief escape my mouth, I assessed the room and sat on the bottom half of one of the two bunk beds. Who would I be bunking with? I prefer someone that I'd get along with in this wasteland of freaks. There was a slight movement from under the bed. Keeping the lower half of my body on the bed, I leaned over the edge trying to discover what was underneath. It was someone sleeping on their side covered in a sleeping bag so I couldn't identify if they were female or male. Deciding to leave them alone til they woke up, I undressed and slipped on the classic orange jumpsuit instead of of using the dresses provided only for 'free days'.
  8. 'Free days' were where everyone gathered together in the courtyard dressed up like a prom. The only reason you had this information was because it had come with a flyer with the clothes. Every month, they had these so called 'free days' there was a different theme every month and the best female and male dressed in costume would get some kind of special prize. Similar to prom but, you didn't buy your dress or costume, they're all stored in two closets separating by gender that you pick out of. This month's was called October-Fest. Only a week until then, you needed to decide on a costume pronto. As your mind scanned through all the costumes you preferred, the body wriggled and rolled out from underneath the bed. It performed the worm and eventually stood up right now facing me.
  9. The zipper pulled down revealing a boy about my age in a blue jumpsuit. I'm guessing, the jump suits are color coded depending on gender. He was a good couple of inches taller with glassy green eyes that contained an amazingly huge amount of gold specks. His hair stood up and was an odd gold color which perfectly matched his slightly tanned skin tone. " Hi! You must be my new roommate that I was told to be expecting! Sorry for having to bunk with a guy but, there aren't any other cells open! Oh, I apologize for my rudeness! I'm Hunter but, everyone here calls me Sparky!". He explained as he shouted in your ear. He must have an ear problem to be speaking this loud.
  10. "I'm __________. Nice to meet you.". We shook hands, his palms sweaty and mine smelling like Chanel number 9. I gave him a once over and found why he was talking so loud. In his ear, I spotted a wireless ear bud. But how could it be wireless? There wasn't even a signal. One of the guards checked their phone and threw it on the ground in frustration of no signal. "How can you even get a signal in this place?" He paused for a moment thinking carefully on his answer. " I used to be a mechanic before I came here so, I created the wireless ear buds along with a miniature satellite that's only available to me or other people who I allow to use this. Do you want one?" He offered as he pulled out the one in his right ear and into his hand. I nodded immediately and accepted the ear bud which I soon placed in my ear.
  11. Before we knew it, we had talked until lights out which was 11:00 sharp. At that specific time, everyone was supposed to be sleeping but, we didn't care as we continued to talk nestled in our beds. "You never told me why you're here. I was a Yankee that got left behind on the recent heist. I'm not a snitch, so I didn't receive immunity.". "Remember how I said I was a mechanic? Well, I used to work in my grandpa's car shop. I worked on all the electrical circuits until one day, while a customer was driving away their car exploded. They were killed instantly and later, we had found that it was the electrical circuits that caused it. I was eventually charged with manslaughter and sent here. I've been here for about 4 years now, serving on a life sentence.". "Oh.". Was the only word that I was able to choke out. How was I supposed to respond to something like this? In my heart I knew it wasn't his fault. There must've been some kind of 'real truth' to this.
  12. "My uncle who worked alongside me as a mechanic turns out to be the one who did the electrical circuits. He planned to murder that person and shoved the blame on me. I would've turned him in but, how can I without any solid evidence that it was him?". Said Sparky as he clenched his fist and stiffened up. Wow, there's a lot more to the truth than you'd ever think. "How'd you get your nickname? Is it related to the fact that you were a mechanic?". "No. I guess it'd be safe because you're in a similar dilemma. I'm nicknamed Sparky because, I have the power of electricity. All magical creatures are put into 7 categories. Vampire, Shapeshifter, Werewolf , Angel, Elf, Ghost, and Humans. I'm a Werewolf. You should have some kind of power because that's what this juvenile delinquent prison is for. To keep the ones who are 'different' away from 'normal' people. The government locks us away because they fear we're going to start a rebellion.".
  13. "I don't have any powers. I'm just ________. I've noticed that I'm different but not different to the extent of having special abilities.". "I have an idea. but, it might sting a little.". He twirled his finger into the air and out came a spark of light that came toward you. As it entered my body, I didn't feel anything but a slight tingling sensation where it hit. He then spoke up without the slightest hint of guilt. "So that didn't hurt at all? I knew it. You do have powers, it's probably a nullifying ability and a force field. Wow! You're the first person in my whole lifetime that has defensive abilities!". "What was that?". "The spark of light? That was an electric shock." He explained as if shocking people with electricity was an everyday chore.
  14. No one shocked me and would get away with it. I hurtled my dusty pillow at him at about 90 miles per hour. That really shut him up. We remained snuggled in our beds for the remainder of the night. Eventually, I fell asleep and woke hours later to the sound of the same screech of those titanium bars opening. A gruff voice boomed right near the bars as someone new was shoved in. "This'll be your cell from now on.".
  15. (since there are no other guys that you've met, Sparky/Hunter is your only option) Do you like him?

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