The Girl Who Lived part 39

Hey so I did put up this chapter up today instead of tomorrow because I happen to be a lot busier tomorrow than I thought at first so I wanted to publish it today.

Yeah, tomorrow I only have enough time in my busy schedule to really only publish about 1 and my typing isn't all that fast to begin with, so I bring to you part 39

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. After talking to the Golden Trio and Ginny for quite some time, I moved on to talk to Oliver and Neville. I was trying to make it a point to have a conversation with every person in the room who gave up eating with everyone else in the year-end feast.
  2. "Hey Oliver and Neville."
  3. "Hey Scarlet, great that your finally feeling better. Dumbledore is headmaster again and Hagrid was taken back from Azkaban. Can't imagine what's in store next year." Oliver said.
  4. "Really? That's wonderful news. Have you seen my hair ribbon?" I asked. I had plenty more but I'd just gotten used to the ribbon.
  5. "I removed your hair ribbon because the nurses needed to wash your hair. I was using it as a bookmark so I knew where it was. Here." Neville went over to his Shakespeare book and pulled out my ribbon, handing it to me. I tied up my hair with the ribbon.
  6. "Thanks, after a long time, this ribbon has built up a lot of sentimental value. Anyway, Oliver how's quid ditch going? I heard you guys won a game while I was out."
  7. "We did, got hit with a bludger this time though. There's already a bruise on my arm. I think it was your ribbon that prevented me from getting hurt. You're my good luck charm Scarlet." When he said that, his face turned a heavy shade of pink.
  8. "Thanks, but I'm not the lucky type." I answered.
  9. "Excuse me for ruining your little moment, but I want to talk to Scarlet alone." Said Draco who put his hand on my shoulder. Just his touch made me shiver.
  10. cliffhanger

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