The Girl Who Lived part 14 (end of year 1)

Hey guys, so this is the end of year 1. You guys may be upset that I only have 5 or 6 more years to write about but, I'm thinking that year 1 took way too long.

Think about it, year 1 and year 2 are what I planned to be shorter years. Maybe even year 3. So, I think it's about time to wrap up year 1. I decided to speed things up a little. Explaination is parting words.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. A couple weeks later, I was with the Golden trio and we found out Hagrid is raising a baby dragon which is against wizard law. We've come up with a plan to smuggle it out of the country at midnight. At exactly midnight, we tried but out plan fell through when Ron got bitten by the dragon and was sent to the infirmiry. I asked if he would want me to stay with him in the wing but he wanted me to stay with Harry. Our plan just went downhill from there. We successfully spirited the dragon away and we were caught. As part of our punishment, we were sent to help Hagrid rescue an injured unicorn in the Forbidden Forest.
  2. "Now, we're going to divide into two groups so this will go faster. Harry, Scarlet and Draco will be in the same party and the rest will come with me. Any questions? Good. Lets get going." Hagrid had explained the rules and we parted ways.
  3. "I can't believe I got stuck with a Weasley and a Potter." Draco complained.
  4. "Shut up you little twit. One more word and I swear I'll-" I started, but was shushed by Harry.
  5. "I hear something." Sure enough, we had found the unicorn but it was dead and a hooded figure crawled toward the corpse and drank its blood. Draco screamed, sounding like a little girl and fleed.
  6. "Get back here you coward." I followed Draco, until he was out of sight but when I turned around to check on Harry, he was gone. I looked around for him and called his name but no answer. After hours of searching, I headed back to Hogwarts to find Harry in the common room. Thankfully he was safe. A couple weeks later I noticed something odd about Hermoine, Ron and Harry. They weren't as social and were always busy, with other things on their mind. I went up to Fred and George to ask about their thoughts.
  7. "Hey Fred, George, do you think Ron, Harry and Hermoine are acting peculiar?"
  8. "I may not be sure about the other two, but I'm sure Ron always acts like that. Aren't I right Freddie." George said as he turned the page of a newspaper he was reading.
  9. "Sure thing George." Said Fred as he turned the page of a magazine.
  10. "You guys are idiots." I left them to their reading and found Neville. "Neville, do you think the golden trio are acting strange?"
  11. "I guess so. Their behavior is a little different than it was a while ago. Maybe its just a phase."

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