chopinssonata fans!!!!!!!!!

The quiz shall explain itself so you can just this. The rest of this shall be filled with gibberish! Begged church Huynh botnet chef juice do me chi chosen

Why are you still reading this????? Cache bathtub code Clegg Eric me chi Lee ebb chi me CD ssh if Mr chunk kindred dBm I'd eek bugging Choctaw dBm if.

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. Hey, guys! Well this quiz is strictly for fans of chopinssonata, or any of her quizzes.
  2. This quiz is an announcement on the stupidity of GTQ at the moment (sorry GTQ site people)
  3. Well, GTQ is refusing to put any of @chopinssonata's quizzes on the new quiz list
  4. One of the quizzes she put up, that GTQ is refusing to acknowledge, is "The Girl who lived part 55'!!!!!
  5. The other one she has asked me to include in this announcement is 'Dearest readers'
  6. Dearest readers is about the decision of whether @chopinssonata should continue TGWL or not.
  7. I believe that's it!! Thanks for reading and please comment with possible solutions for the problem
  8. Also, has anyone noticed that the feed back section refuses to actually SEND the feedback?
  9. For those who don't know: the feedback section is on the bottom of the GTQ home page.
  10. Thanks again! Bye! Check out the quizzes!!!!!!

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